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Inventor of Kawaguchiko's new special dish
We first devised the idea of a recipe for Lake Kawaguchi's new specialty menu “Fuji-Mabushi”. And it is widely introduced in various mass media in Japan.

What is Fuji-Mabushi?
Sprinkle rice cooked with rainbow trout, then enjoy the change in taste with seasonal condiments and home-made garnish, and finally pour dashi soup into it(ochazuke).
Rice cooked with trout from Fuji north foot, local ingredients, seasonal condiments.
Sprinkle with rice, add spices and garnish, and finally pour dashi soup into it(ochazuke)!
It is a special menu that you can not forget once you eat.

“Fuji-Mabushi” may not be prepared on the day due to the ingredients.
If you would like to eat “Fuji-Mabushi”, please fill out the reservation form.
How to enjoy "Fuji-Mabushi"

  1. First, sprinkle the rice with trout and feel the scent and feel of the trout, and eat a bite. ..I see.
  2. Next,enjoy a change in taste and scent with local garnish and seasonal condiments, and eat as the 2nd bite. ..Good.
  3. And add the ingredients and pour dashi soup ,and eat as the 3rd bite. ...Excellent.
  4. From as the 4th bite, enjoy the season and the flavor of the restaurant yourself, and eat as you like.

Even the rice cooked with trout is so delicious, but if you add seasonal condiments and homemade garnish, it will turn into a completely different food.In addition.

Moreover, if you pour the dashi soup and eat it as an ochazuke, it will taste different again.

Isn't it too much to say that this is like a “high-quality movie of individual actors and leading actresses”?

And more details

From March to May and October to December, Fujihime-Mabushi will be offered at a special rate because it is a fishing season of "Himemasu(kokanee salmon)". It is more mature than rainbow trout that can be offered all year round, and is characterized by a strong smell.

Please contact us about the season of "himemasu".

The seasoning used for “Fuji-Mabushi” has become popular. Therefore, it was sold from “Fuji Nmeemon Club”. In addition, "Fuji-Mabushi" is also widely enlightened through the club.
Also thank you.

Fuji Nmeemon Club
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