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Japanese-style creative kaiseki

We serve foods with confidence because we declare "Kappo Ryokan".
Enjoy the appearance and taste.
Our cuisine is thinking about the overall balance, but is not bound by common sense. That is the Nagahama Ryokan cuisine.

"Kansai kappo-cuisine" values the deliciousness of the ingredients.
And We cooks with the best ingredient of the day.


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Japanese cuisine chef

We purchase the most attractive ingredient of the day. That is why the menu is different every day.
Looking at good ingredients and thinking about menu that can make use of them.

A third-generation master (Noboru Miyashita), who cooked for 18 years at a Japanese restaurant and took home the skills of Kansai kappo-cuisine “Kuikiri(gourmet-meal)” and turned Nagahama Ryokan into a kappo-inn, cooks.

The seafood focused on local food is purchased from Tsukiji and the menu of the day is decided by the contents of the market of the day.

Noboru Miyashita: Inventor of Kawaguchiko's new special dish "Fuji-Mabushi".
Japanese style inn - Nagahama Ryokan
795-1, Nagahama, Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi 401-0331, Japan
TEL:+81555-82-2128 FAX:+81555-82-2898
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